Scholarship Guidelines & Principles

Adrenaline USA Sports gives assistance to anyone who desires to participate, regardless of their ability to pay established membership or program fees. This may be due to temporary unemployment, unexpected medical expenses or other extenuating circumstances. • Those not able to pay the full fee may receive assistance based on their financial ability. The Scholarship Program reduces membership and/or program fees; it does not eliminate them. • Scholarship Program is funded through generous contributions from individuals and businesses in the community to the Adrenaline USA Sports Support Campaign and Scholarship Fund • Scholarships are granted for a specific time period, usually 12 months. Adrenaline USA Sports requests that applicants reapply annually, with updated documentation. As a 501(c)3 Adrenaline USA Sports is proud to provide scholarship opportunity to athletes in need. All submissions are reviewed by Club Directors and Sport Directors.  Scholarship is distributed on a case by case basis at Club Directors discretion.


TO OBTAIN A SCHOLARSHIP • Complete this application form and return it with proof of income to or mail to ADRENALINE USA SPORTS PO BOX 7414 Naples, FL 34101. We will review the information and compare it to established scholarship guidelines.

• All information will be kept confidential and personal financial information is destroyed upon completion.


Please complete the information below providing the following:

1. Player Information page

2. Athlete’s must provide a profile including academic standing and letter of reasons why they should be awarded

3. Parent’s/guardians must provide written reasons for request of funds and the amount you wish to receive

4. Previous and/or current tax return must be submitted



Player's Name: _________________________________________________________________________

Parent's Name(s):_______________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________________________________

Home Telephone: ____________________________________Cell:______________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


I understand that this scholarship is short term only and I must reapply annually for future scholarships. In accordance with YOUNG CHAMPIONS CORE OF  VALUES and  Parent/Player Conduct, I verify that the information provided on this application is accurate. In the event that I or my children must cancel our participation, I will contact the Club Directors immediately so scholarship can be provided to others. I understand that if I falsify any of the above information, I will not be eligible for assistance now and/or in the future.

Signature of person completing this form: ____________________________________________________



Please send all required items to:  ADRENALINE USA VOLLEYBALL PO BOX 7414  Naples, FL 34101 or email all documents

To receive this form via email for download please email with request.