What is mini-club?

Mini club is a short version of a full travel team season. It incorporates structured educational training in a team setting, and allows for participation at competitive tournaments against other clubs.  Teams are formed by age and skill level.   It is a smart option for those unable to commit to the full length of the travel team season or for those who want to sample what a travel team experience is like prior to fully committing to the typical travel team full season. It is also a great option for those multi sport athletes who need to get back into the "swing" of volleyball and sharpen their skills before their school season starts. 
Are there any additional cost?
      Athletes will need to purchase a AAU Membership $14 after August 20th.
      Parents will need to pay for their entry fees to tournament venues usually $5
      and provide transportation to and from the venues.   Athletes will also need to
      wear BLACK spandex to practice and for games.
Mini club is offered twice a year Fall and late spring. 
Fall mini club includes: 
2 practices per week
4 1 day tournaments 12-16 matches
1 skills clinic 
Practice and match gear
August 20th to November 1st
Cost: $200
Spring mini club includes:
2 practices per week 
2 tournaments including AAU Nationals 12-16 matches
Practice and match gear
April 29th- June 21st 
Cost: $300 
How many athletes to a team?
     There are up to 8-10 athletes per team. 
How do I know what age group my child will play?
     They will probably play in their USAV guidelines for VOLLEYBALL age group but they may be moved at the discretion of the Club director and coaching staff depending on ability and experience.
What do I need to bring to for placement and registration?
      You need to bring a copy of birth certificate, complete registration, water, and wear appropriate volleyball gear (knee pads, spandex, t-shirt, and athletic shoes).

Mini Club